October 2021 - May 2022 I was the Lead Designer and Art Director creating the EnterPsilo.com universe.  I was in charge of creating 3 unique characters for our ambitious NFT/Metaverse project.  The universe consists of the Tivali (our tiger character and hero of our story), the Gilamon (our lizard character and villain of our story) and the Droids (our artificial intelligence and neutral character of our story).  I had the pleasure to work with a few amazing artists throughout the project.  The Tivali are a collaborative design.  The base sculpt was created by Jared Fischler, for the Elder's, the Owl, mushrooms, staff, clothing and crown was created by Brandt Peters and the renders and final images were created by me.  We aimed to create 8888 unique NFT images which originally consisted of 3 Characters, 13 classes and over 300 traits. 
The Tivali Elder's (as seen below) are super rare 1 of 1'sin the collection.  They represent the wisest of the Tivali and help guide the Tivali species to extreme enlightenment. Brandt did an awesome job designing these unique versions of the Tivali and it was a lot of fun collaborating with him to bring these to life. This was hands down one of the hardest projects I have ever created.  Check out the collection on Opensea!!
tel: 310.729.4673
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