October 2021 - May 2022 I was the Lead Designer and Art Director creating the EnterPsilo.com universe.  I was in charge of creating 3 unique characters for our ambitious NFT/Metaverse project.  The universe consists of the Tivali (our tiger character and hero of our story), the Gilamon (our lizard character and villain of our story) and the Droids (our artificial intelligence and neutral character of our story).  I had the pleasure to work with a few amazing artists throughout the project.  The Tivali are a collaborative design.  The base sculpt was created by Jared Fischler, for the Explorers, the Shawl was created by Jonathan Mugford, the staff was created by Brandt Peters and the renders and final images were created by me.  We aimed to create 8888 unique NFT images which originally consisted of 3 Characters, 13 classes and over 300 traits. 
The Tivali Shaman (as seen below) were originally going to fill 167 NFT's in the collection.  To accomplish this number with all unique images, there are 7 different background colors, 4 different body colors, and 10 different traits for the Explorer class.  This allows for multiple combinations of colors and traits for the final images.  This was more than just a design project.  It was extremely challenging to figure out how to create the image combination system and make sure it all looked amazing in the end.  The fur for the Tivali made everything very tricky.  Having the shawl overlap with the fur made the image combination part of the project extremely difficult.  This was hands down one of the hardest projects I have ever created. 
The Tivali species were originally going to consist of 1111 NFT's in the collection.  The Shaman's are the top class of the Tivali's and they are the ones that guide consciousness expansion for their species.  These are a more rare in the collection, but I wanted to make sure the design is beautiful so anyone who receives one as their NFT loves what they get.  Check out the collection on Opensea!!
tel: 310.729.4673
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